We offer an apartment house
consisting of 5 furnished flats
for short-term letting as well as
2 additional furnished flats in
the adjacent house.

Please have a look underneath:

Furniture and Equipment

Furnished short-term lets

Temporary furnished lettings:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • TV
  • Fully equipped kitchen (dishes, tumbler, cutlery, saucepan, frying pan)
  • Bed with a quality mattress
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Free Wlan
  • Use of garden premises
  • Laundry room (charge applicable)

Please note:
Due to hygienic reasons, Duvets, Pillows, Bed linen and Bath towels will have to be bought by each individual before renting the apartment. These can be washed and tumble dried in the laundry room as and when required.

All flats are non-smoking flats.

There are 7 parking spaces in front of the property available, in addition, further parking spaces close to the sports ground are free of charge – only 2 minutes on foot.

To ensure the security and the high standard quality of all flats as well as tenants, I have regular tests being conducted such as fire risk assessments as well as testing drinking water in accordance with the drinking water regulation.
Please have a look at the results here.

Main House

  • Annexe flat right: 44 qm
  • Apartment with conservatory: 34 qm

Apartment House

  • Annexe flat left 40 qm
  • Flat 1 (WG1): 33 qm
  • Flat 2 (WG2): 33 qm
  • Flat 3 (WG3): 33 qm
  • Flat 4 (WG4): 34 qm
  • Penthouse: 60 qm + Terrace

Apartments very close to the airport

Furnished short-term lets:

Enzianweg 12
33142 Büren-Brenken

Please contact us:

Büren-Brenken – Furnished flats within the vicinity of the airport

Die Prices upon request depending on rental period and availability.

contact us
MAIL: info@livingandbreathingspace.de

Contact: Irina Huk
TEL: 0176-80014013

Contact: Daniel Uhlmannsiek
TEL: 0176-21191006